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Alochana Journal ISSN: 2231-6329 (Online) welcome the articles/ original research papers/ Manuscript from the Research scholars, Academicians, Industrialists in the area of all Subject areas.

→Papers submitted by the authors/ co-authors must be original in nature. No parts of the paper are not currently sent to any journal, international journal or any other publication company.

→The author is responsible for ensuring the originating of the paper. The co-authors to ensure the originating of the paper. The authors who are willing to submit paper should ensure that they get approval from their institution or industry. After receipt of paper/ articles/ abstract acknowledgement will be sent within a day. Before publication of paper in the journal, further correspondence will be send to the respective author(s). The paper submitted by authors may be either for readability.
→Submission of paper only send through e-mail, provides the table, chart, figures should be done in MS-word file in Times New Roman. E-Mail ID: editoralochana@gmail.com immediately after the receipt of paper of Manuscript Number will be sent to the concern author with in day or maximum of two days. The mail should contain the authors’ full address, telephone number and designation. If any co author it should be followed by first author. The authors may send two or three reviewers for the manuscript.

Original Research Articles : The length of paper should be 10-15 pages. The paper should be original in nature, research findings and working relates to the research work to be given in detail to verify the work by others.

→Short Communication : The Short communication is suitable for new models, innovative methods and techniques. It should be sent maximum of 2 to 4 pages in length.

→Review can be made by authors in the current topics and intensive areas. It must be 4 to 6 pages. Reviews are also peer-reviewed.

→Review process done by editor in chief and member of Executive editors. Decision will be made by editorial board with in two weeks.