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Volume 12 Issue 2 2023

1. An Overview of Using Animals in Laboratory: Review
Joel Mathew Jose, Amartya Ramchander

2. Impact of Parenting Style, Peer Pressure and Emotional Maturity on Scholastic Achievement of Professional College Students
Jakka Pradeep

3. A study of The Relationship between Mindful Self-Care and Subjective Well-Being among College Students and Working Professionals
Sneha Chatterjee, Dr. Jaya Jethwani

4. Anxiety, Depression and Stress Among College Students During COVID 19 lockdown
Milli Baby, Swapnil Chauragade

5. The Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation on with Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder: A Single Case Study
Anuradha. S, Durga Yadav

6. Sensation Seeking and Driving Style Among Young Adults in Chennai City
M. Mahalakshmi, Kavitha Dhanaraj