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Volume 12 Issue 6 2023

1. The Influence of School Residential Status on Attachment and Fear of Intimacy among Young Adult
Ms. Suchita Srivastava, Dr. Nethravathi R, Ms. Anisha T

2. Efficacy of Fartlek Training on selected Physical and Psychological Variables Among the RSA Academic Respondents in Trichy
Dr.Arulmozhi Saravanan

3. Work Stress and Psychological Well-Being among Young Employed Adults
Preeti Srivastav

4. Impact of Covid-19 On Level of Depression, Anxiety and Stress on the Patients with Lower Limb Amputation: A Comparative Study Between Prosthetic & Non-Prosthetic Users
Shivangi Mehra, Sakshi Saharawat, Dr. Sarika Boora, Dr. Chitra Kataria

5. Sleep disturbance and psychological distress among frontline healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic in South India – A questionnaire-based survey
E.V Deepasree Varier, Febin Joseph, Fousiya, Nikita Pandey, Gayathri. S, Dr. Gitanjali Natarajan, Dr.(col)Vishal Marwaha, Greeshma C Ravindran

6. Leisure Attitude and Happiness Among Young Adults
Ozaira Bee Asha I, Sasi.R

7. Physical Activity as An Intervention to NSSI (NonSuicidal Self-Injury) in Adolescents: A Review of Research
Anjani Pasala